HomeFilter v1.3

Jul 1, 2014 at
Today I finished the biggest work for the HomeFilter version 1.3.
That means I implemented all the new features, fixed known bugs from the version before and now I have a mostly bug free beta version for Firefox.
There are some little UI imperfections I have to fix and I still have to add one string to the string list for the localization, but the Firefox version is manly finished and I started dogfooding yesterday.
Next steps are to port the browser specific code to Chromium and check if all the content scripts work in V8.
But I think this will not take to much time so I will upload the new strings to the translation platform soon that the volunteers can translate them. I'm assuming to complete the entire work for 1.3 in one or two weeks.

For every one who is interested in the new features v1.3 holds for you, I attached some screenshots as a little peek.

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