HeartWire, Part 1: Basics

Oct 14, 2016 at
I recently started a new project.
The problem I had to deal with was to connect exactly two people, so they could communicate via text messages.

The most important requirements where:
  •  The application needs to run on
    • Firefox OS 2.6
    • Android 4.3
  • It needs to work in 
    • China
    • Germany
Therefore I had to choose the right technologies in order to implement this Project.
  • a webapp for best multi platform support
  • cordova wrapper on android to support important device APIs
  • SimplePush from mozilla for FxOS 2.6
  • BaiduPush for Android to deliver notifications in china
  • WebSocket for a fast and lightweight connection to the server
  • Polymer Paper Elements for a fast layout implementation
  • AES for symmetric message encryption
  • WebCrypto API to end-to-end encrypt all messages
  • ApplicationFrame for data binding

I started out with building a basic server and client.
My first goals were to authenticate with a user name and password. Passwords are stored Base64 encoded inside the client application. When they are sent to the server, they are hashed with SHA-1 and then compared. On the server passwords are stored as SHA-1 hashes.
The connection is established via WebSocket. Every time the client needs to establish a new connection he is required to provide the username and encoded password. If the user credentials don't match any existing user, the server will drop the connection.
The server expects the client to initiate the authentication in less than 10 seconds. If the validation of the credentials was successful, the server will reply with the account information of the authenticated user.
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Mobile Application: Weather

May 13, 2015 at

I'm glad to introduce to you the mobile application Weather.
It was launched back in January and got over 100 installations in the first three days.

The application provides up to date weather information for your current location or most Cities in the world. It's available for Firefox OS and Android devices distributed through the Mozilla Marketplace.

Screenshot von WeatherScreenshot von Weatherhttps://marketplace.cdn.mozilla.net/img/uploads/previews/full/163/163078.png?modified=1421529592

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HomeFilter v1.3.3

After about two weeks of non functionality of the Youtube HomeFilter. Version 1.3.3 is now finally out.

A change in the YouTube Subscriptions layout caused a bug in the Extension.
This has been fixed now. In addition I'm happy to announce that the new donation page has been introduced with this update. After you're browser downloaded the latest version of the Add-on you should be presented with the page. Otherwise everyone feel free to use the Donate button on the Product page if desired.

We are also working on a French localization of this Extension so stay tuned for that, I hope it can land in the next version.
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HomeFilter version 1.3 out now

Aug 7, 2014 at
The new YouTube HomeFilter version 1.3 is out now. Currently, only just for Mozilla Firefox but the Opera version will follow as soon as the reviewer team of Opera finished the reviewing process. A list of the release notes can be found on the Add-on page at addons.mozilla.org.
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HomeFilter v1.3

Jul 1, 2014 at
Today I finished the biggest work for the HomeFilter version 1.3.
That means I implemented all the new features, fixed known bugs from the version before and now I have a mostly bug free beta version for Firefox.
There are some little UI imperfections I have to fix and I still have to add one string to the string list for the localization, but the Firefox version is manly finished and I started dogfooding yesterday.
Next steps are to port the browser specific code to Chromium and check if all the content scripts work in V8.
But I think this will not take to much time so I will upload the new strings to the translation platform soon that the volunteers can translate them. I'm assuming to complete the entire work for 1.3 in one or two weeks.

For every one who is interested in the new features v1.3 holds for you, I attached some screenshots as a little peek.

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Der AddonLangManager - The AddonLangManager

Jun 9, 2013 at

Ich hab mir gedacht, ich sollte mal wieder was schreiben :-) und da trifft es sich natürlich super wenn ich auch gerade eine Neuigkeit habe.
Ich habe heute nämlich die erste alpha Version (0.1.0) des AddonLangManagers veröffentlicht. Es handelt sich dabei um ein kleines Tool das es erlaubt schnell und einfach neue Sprachdateien einem, mit dem Mozilla Add-on Builder erstellten, Add-on hinzu zu fügen bzw. diese zu aktualisieren.
Hauptsächlich ist das Tool darauf ausgerichtet, die alten properties Sprachdateien einzulesen, zu verwalten und in JSON zu konvertieren. 
Im Augenblick werden nur Builder Add-ons unterstützt und alle Dateien werden immer Konvertiert.
Das Programm läuft auf Windows 64/34 Bit, Linux 64/32 Bit und OS X. Eine ausführbare Datei gibt es im Augenblick jedoch nur für Windows 64/32 und Linux 64, der Quellcode liegt jedoch für jeden offen und kann mit der Standard Lazarus IDE für Pascal kompiliert werden.

weitere Infos zum Programm findet ihr auf der entsprechenden Projektseite.



I figured I should write something again :-) and as it happens of course it is great if I just have a piece of news.
Today I have published the first alpha version (0.1.0) of the AddonLangManager. This is a small tool that allows quick and easy to add new language files to an Add-on, that was  created with the Mozilla Add-on Builder, or update it.
Mainly, the tool is designed to read the old language properties files, manage them and convert them to JSON.
At the moment just builder add-ons are supported and all files are always converted.
The program runs on Windows 64/34 bit, Linux 64/32 bit and OS X. There is an executable file for the moment only for Windows 64/32 and Linux 64, but the source code is open to anyone and can be compiled with the default Lazarus IDE for Pascal.
more information about the program can be found on the project page.

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HomeFilter jetzt auch für Opera

Jan 3, 2013 at
Seit heute ist der Youtube HomeFilter nun auch im Opera Add-on "Store" verfügbar. Es handelt sich dabei um die Version 1.2.3, wobei noch keine Options Seite verfügbar ist. Diese wird mit dem nächsten Addon dazu kommen.
Ihr könnt euch Das Add-on direkt Über euren Opera Browser oder hier über die Blog Seite Herunterladen.  Über eventuelle Fehler des Add-ons dürft ihr mir gerne berichten.
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